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P.Princi Butchers Fremantle (WA)

P.Princi Butchers Fremantle are a fixture in the Western Australian Butchery scene with the first store being opened in Perth in 1958, with Joe Princi taking over the reins at the age of 18.

Baker Refrigeration worked closely with Joe and his nephew Michele on the installation featuring a range of Criocabin serve-over cases to highlight their amazing display of meat products.

The showpiece in the store is the new Criocabin innovative technology; the G-Concept system. P.Princi Butchers Fremantle chose the Evodue G-Concept serve-over refrigerated meat counter – the first to be installed in Australia.

The new technology in the G-Concept counters has shown that the percentage of weight loss of the meat has been halved from standard ventilated counters.

Our team worked with P.Princi Butchers Fremantle here in Perth and Manuel from Criocabin, based in Italy to ensure peak performance was achieved with the selected commercial refrigeration equipment.

The remaining Criocabin equipment installed included:

  • Criocabin Encore EU700-S a glass door refrigerated meat showcase, positioned against one wall.
  • Criocabin EPV 30 Vogue Edition open-fronted refrigerated showcases, positioned behind the front counter for both salami and sausage products.
  • Criocabin Evodue 400 serve-over hot bain-marie counter for ready-to-go sliced hot roast meats.
  • Criocabin Elfin MD130 2-tier self-serve refrigerated sandwich and/or meals counter for delicious takeaway deli rolls.

Criocabin Evodue G-Concept:

Product Preservation via:

  • Static refrigerated deck
  • High humidity
  • Low speed ventilation by tangential fans
  • Use of glycol as refrigerant

Easy to Clean:

  • Completely sealed refrigerated display deck
  • Removable air grids
  • Tangential fans mounted below the rear working board

Criocabin Evodue Brochure

Criocabin G-Concept Brochure

Read About the G-Concept

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Case Study

P.Princi Butchers Fremantle (WA)

20/258 Canning Highway,
Bicton WA 6157
Installation of new innovative equipment
Australian first Evodue G-Concept by Criocabin
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